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Training Requirements

The Psychomotor Education Institute of South Africa (PEISA) offers training for a course following the Bernard Aucouturier’s Psychomotor Practice (PPA®).
The training consists of two levels.

Level 1 – 80 hours: This level entitles the participant to become a Psychomotor Educator and work in an environment provided and supervised by the Psychomotor Education Institute of South Africa.

Level 2 – 300 hours: A professional who has obtained a teaching qualification, a nursing qualification, a social work qualification, an occupational therapy qualification, speech therapy qualification, psychologist’s qualification or a physiotherapy qualification will satisfy the requirements of this course. At this level the Psychomotor Educator is qualified to implement the program as well as install it into schools.


The course consists of 15 modules distributed on 50 weeks (once a week).

 It is divided in:

67 hours of theory;
77 hours of observation of children participating in psychomotor lessons, conducted by PEISA psychomotor educators;
132 hours of personal involvement in PPA® workshops; 
24 hours of observation of psychomotor lessons conducted in any other school by PEISA psychomotor educators.

To obtain a Level 2 training certificate, the educator will be required to complete:

2 tests
2 written assignments
1 dissertation
1 self-evaluation assessment

This practice requires theoretical and conceptual psychologic development on one-self  by using the motoric way and play.

Trainers Level – 200 Hours

A psychomotor educator who has done 300 hours training  with PEISA can apply for this course.

It entitles the psychomotor educator to become a trainer in the PPA® training course and to set up satellite centres.

The course is divided in:

26 hours – study of observation of children in psychomotor lessons

40 hours (20 x 2 hours) – discussion about observation of children in psychomotor lessons

10 hours – Aucouturier’s lessons (videos)

30 hours - readings – workshops

44 hours – personal training

50 hours – theory